Do Not Duplicate -FACT or FICTION?
Have you ever seen a key inscribed,"Do Not Duplicate" or "It is unlawful to duplicate this key". The truth is: unless you have a unique proprietary or patented restricted key system, there are no laws to protect you from anyone indiscriminately duplicating one or more of the keys to your business, home or office. Period! In most cases, "Do Not Duplicate" or " Unlawful to Copy" is merely a request not a law.

Which brings up a couple of interesting questions.

  • Do you really know who has copies of the keys to your establishment?
  • Are you comfortable with the fact that people who have your key such as a cleaning person, neighbor or employee might be able to easily obtain copies of your keys?

    If you answered, "No" to either question, the chances are that you need a keying system that is unique to you, where only you can authorize duplicate keys made. Such a system will give you key control, which in turn will greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized keys being made.

Although restricted key control systems may initially be a bit more expensive, those costs are often offset by the fact that rekeying isn't needed when keys are returned. Better key control equals better security.

Your security is at risk if you've:

  • Fired an employee
  • Given your keys to maintenance crews or other contractors
  • Given your keys to employees
  • Moved to a new business location

Save money and improve your security by controlling who can copy your keys!

As an authorized ASSA, Kaba Peaks & Medeco KeyMark dealer, we can offer an advanced level of key control. If you can't control who can copy your keys, you can't control your security. Without proper key control, you're are faced with the threat of rekeying every time your keys leave your sight. These unique systems make it virtually impossible for someone to duplicate your keys.

These systems can be retrofitted into many existing locks. This cost-effective method can dramatically improve the security of your business or home.

Before any duplicate keys are made, a signature authorization form must be filled out and verified. We document who and how many keys were made so you have a complete audit trail. No locks need to be changed or rekeyed when an employee leaves your company because complete security is maintained by collecting a departed employee's key.

We have a large selection of key organization products in stock. From key tags to cabinets that orgnize hundreds of keys.